“To see clearly, it is often enough to change the direction of your gaze.”

Antoine de Saint-Expupéry

Sometimes it’s hard to clear your head.

Simply remove yourself from familiar surroundings and take your obstacles with you on the hiking trail.

I will accompany you! While you let your thoughts run free, I will analyse your challenges and goals. Together we will design the perfect master plan for you.

  • Coaching while hiking through the woods and meadows
  • Coaching while walking along the lakeshore or on the beach


Of course, this is also possible in combination with the English language.

  • Walking-Talking-Coaching

Where can you best let go?

I am happy to perform your personal coaching sessions at a location of your choice. I offer Walking-Coaching for three hours, whole days or even several days.

Suitable for:

  • People who are very busy at work
  • People who want to escape from their daily routine
  • People who find it easier to let their thoughts run free when they are on the move

Please contact me. We will master it together!