“As a person I see you as absolutely unique, trustworthy, empathetic, competent, curious, but also direct and open. This means that you don’t tell people what to say. You know how to deal with different characters individually.”

Boris L.

“You recognise the situation or conflict immediately and support in finding a solution.”

Jenny B.

“You radiate confidence, I felt comfortable with you from the first second.”

Dirk F.

“You love life and life loves you – a life-affirming person – always optimistic and confident. Even when there are difficult times, you find ways to carry on and not give up; that’s a gift you can convey very well to other people.”

Christine F.

“You uplift others with your positive charisma and your nature.”

Andreas R.

“You have the desire to turn over a small stone for the better; to have a significant impact on the world. Transforming a foreign language for personality development and problem solving is a very unique means of achieving this impact.”

Birgit K.